"All You Zombies"

In this piece of work, I deliberately tried to make something ugly..or, more precisely, I did not try to make something nice and decorative.

After having suffered a traumatic head injury, I found myself unable to find working pleasurable, and although my work always had included some element of play, the time needed to finish my sculptures, and the perfect appearance of them, made it difficult to even go into the studio.

Inspired by the intuitive approach of children while working with clay, I started to make one or two sculptures a day, with a five-minute time limit for each one. There was no censoring what I did, and no pressure; just me being spontaneous and not following my own self-imposed standards. This was done as a way to find joy in being creative again.

"All You Zombies" is originally part of the "Forever Young" installation series. The beer-bottles are the works of Ingrid Askeland.

Here are just a few of the Zombies. A 129 of them can now be seen in the Exhibition "Free Play" at The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, May 21st - august 20th.